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Etiquette is a voluminous subject. There are many good books on etiquette, as well as the etiquette of dating in specific. A few pointers are in order here, however.

The rules of etiquette in dating have changed somewhat in recent years. However, since the male usually still does the driving, he should open the car door for his date. This is a little nicety that contributes much to the overall atmosphere during the date. When the two arrive at their destination, he should open the door for his date again.

When the evening is over, the man should see the lady to the door. It is not enough to simply drive up to her house and open the car door for her. He should walk her up to the door of her home and see that she is safely inside before he leaves. This gives the lady the feeling of being protected.

Further, the man should hold open the doors of restaurants and other establishments for the lady as well as help her with her chair when she is seated, unless she shows a desire to do these things for herself.

"Should I kiss on the first date?" You didn't think I would skip over this question, did you? The answer is no. The most mistaken idea among young people is that a goodnight kiss is mandatory. When reduced to such a common level, the kiss loses all depth of meaning. The guy is requesting a privilege he has not earned. The lady is indicating that her kisses are not worth much. The kiss should be an indication of a special bond between two people.

When is a kiss appropriate? Not sooner than the second date, maybe later. It will mean so much more if it is not given out too freely. Am I old-fashioned on this subject? Maybe so. But maybe a little "old-fashionedness" is a good thing now and then.

How does a guy know when to kiss a girl good night? He can tell by how much affection she has shown during a dating relationship. She has liked holding hands, she sat a bit closer, she put her head on his shoulder, she lingers at the door trying to think of something to say...then she is receptive to a kiss. There is a feeling in the air that a kiss would be welcome.

Another question is whether it is it proper to have more than one boyfriend or girlfriend at the same time. As far as the rules of etiquette go, it is perfectly acceptable to have more than one dating partner.

However, as far as the laws of human nature go, little jealousies are bound to spring up if one dating partner believes that the other is not really committed to him or her.

Generally, people date several different people concurrently until they find one person with whom they feel they are truly compatible. After that, they usually devote themselves to that one relationship, unless, of course, that relationship breaks up, at which point they start the whole process over again).

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