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But what do you talk about on a date? This is a natural concern for a lot of people. Most social interactions are relatively short. But a date traditionally occupies an entire evening! What on earth is the shy person going to talk about for all that time?

Fortunately, it's easier than you may think.

For one thing, a date is usually centered around some sort of activity, such as going to a dance or to the movies. This solves most of your problems for you. During a movie, you don't have to talk about anything, and afterwards, the movie itself serves as a topic of conversation. So the problem of conversation becomes relatively simple.

Making your first date relatively short and centered around an activity of some sort will do a lot to calm your nerves.

True, you still have to converse during the trip between home, the restaurant and the theater, as well as during the meal itself. But if you master the techniques described on this site, none of this need present a big problem.

Much of your conversation will be based upon you and your date's initial meeting. You already know something about your date, so this makes conversation much easier; you simply base your conversation on what you already know about him or her.

Use the techniques for building on previous conversations as explained elsewhere on this site. (Remember, the more you know about another person, the easier conversation becomes.)

Ask about a project of the other person that came out during the previous conversation. Ask about a problem he or she was trying to get resolved. If you've ascertained the other person's interests, you can even do some reading up on them before the next date so that you can impress your partner with your knowledge of his or her interests!

With this in mind, on the next page are some conversation-sparking questions for your date, most of which you will probably only have touched on in your initial conversation with him or her that can be used to get an engaging conversation going.

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