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Ideas For Your First Date

  • Go out for dinner then a movie. Having dinner together lets you get to know them better while watching the movie together provides the perfect atmosphere to just get used to them without having to talk too much.

  • Go out to eat, sit and talk and give a small kiss goodnight.

  • Have a picnic at a lake under the moonlight.

  • Walk along the beach at night.

  • Have dinner, watch a movie and end the night by playing video games at a local arcade together.

  • Holding hands while walking in the park, getting to know each other.

  • Go out to eat, watch a movie, have a moonlight walk on the beach ending the evening with the perfect kiss.

  • Go out to dinner then spend time together at a coffee shop getting to know each other.

  • Getting to know each other in the back of a truck on a back road under a starry sky.

  • Laying by the fireplace with romantic music and candlelight getting to know each other.

  • Go out dancing together.

  • Have a candlelight dinner, dance under the stars followed by a romantic stroll.

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