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Who hasn't at one time or another dreamed of having a magic spell.

A magic spell which would instantly make you charming and irresistible? Or perhaps a word or phrase that you could utter to create a magical, sensual effect on the person you're talking to?

You wouldn't want to be completely irresistible. Oh, no. That would be far too much trouble. You'd have girls or guys that you're not interested in chasing you all over the place. You simply want to be charming and irresistible to all those you are attracted to.

A word, a spell, or a simple behavior that would instantly turn you into a charismatic and irresistible person. Yes, life would be good!

Well, there is such a magic spell.

Something that will make you almost completely irresistible to any person you "cast it" to.

Something guaranteed to fill your life with love, romance, and excitement. No, I'm not talking about some kind of mythical aphrodisiac. I'm not talking about a pheromone cologne, or some kind of pill you slip into his or her drink.

No, this is much easier and simpler. It doesn't cost you anything and it's something that any person can master.

It's known as a SMILE.

Now I'm not talking about just any smile. I'm not talking about that pathetic little smirk of yours that makes you look more scary than friendly. But a big, face-consuming, I-feel-good-about-life-and-I-like-you-too kind of grin that will instantly light up any room (and any person) that you "cast it" to.

Smiling says that you're a positive, optimistic person. That you're a person who has fun and enjoys life. That you're confident. That you're mature, expressive, and don't hide your feelings. And, most importantly, smiling says that you like and are attracted to him/her.

You don't smile at people you don't like, do you?

One other thing: smiling makes you more physically attractive.

I'm sure you know at least one girl that you're attracted to, but you're not sure exactly why. Physically, she has neither a perfect body nor a perfect face. Yet, to you and most every other guy, she's beautiful, irresistible, and charming.

Chances are she smiles a lot.

So smiling make you more attractive, reveals your positive personality, and indicates that you like the person you're smiling at. Wow!

Okay, so HOW do you smile?

Remember, most of us have been trained since childhood not to smile, not to reveal our emotions, not to reveal vulnerability. Trying to "force" yourself to smile can be quite difficult, especially if you're feeling nervous, or "she" happens to be around.

So how do you learn to smile?

One word. PRACTICE!

Smiling is like any other behavior. To get good at it you have to practice. And practice. And practice.

You want your smile to demand the attention of everyone around. You want your smile to be POWERFUL.

So how do you practice? Very simple. Just go into your bathroom or bedroom or anyplace there's a mirror and you can be alone. Look into the mirror and smile. Smile. And smile some more. Smile until your entire face aches. Smile until every muscle in your face is so fatigued that you can't possibly smile anymore. Then keep smiling.

Yes, you're going to feel stupid, silly, and ridiculous. Great! The sillier you feel, the more you'll feel like smiling. And the act of smiling itself, will actually make you feel better and feel more like smiling.

This is an excellent exercise to practice before going out on a date, or out to a nightclub, or anywhere else you might meet the oppposite sex.

You want your smiles to be real smiles though, not fake-looking smirks. So it helps to think of things that naturally make you smile or laugh. Maybe make a list of things that you can think about before you start.

Keep in mind that "real" smiles and "fake" smiles ARE different.

Fake smiles go on instantly, and disappear just as fast. They look fake. They look like a practiced behavior. They look insincere. They utilize mainly the muscles of the mouth and not the eyes and the rest of the face. And they look unemotional.

Real smiles, on the other hand, are slower to form, and slower to disappear. They're fueled by emotions and emotions do not change instantly. They involve the whole face. They utilize more facial muscles, especially those around the eyes. They LOOK sincere.

Thus, you have to learn to "fake" a "real" smile.

By faking, I simply mean a smile that you can put on whenever you want. A smile that you can control. A smile which is not completely dependent on your emotional state. After all, you may not be feeling all that wonderful when the girl of your dreams walks by.

So you practice slowly forming a smile... and slowly letting the smile disappear from your face. You have to train the muscles of your face to do this. It's not hard, but it does take practice.

(We're talking about slow relative to a fake smile. We're not talking about slow motion. If you're looking in a mirror, you'll be able to tell when you get it right.)

And the payoff for your practice and "hard work" will be enormous.

Think about top professional models or top professional actors or Brad Pitt. They've learned how to "fake" smiles. Their smiles look real. And they can unleash them anytime they want. A magazine cover, a TV interview, the public, their fans. The world is literally at their mercy.

And when you learn to smile, the world will literally be at your mercy too.

Think of it as your magic spell. Think of it as "the secret" that you know and others don't.

You have no idea the pleasures that await you.

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