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Oliver Cromwell To Elizabeth Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell (1599 - 1658) was the leader of the famous English rebellion which deposed and executed King Charles I in 1649. He united the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Wales, ruling as chairman of the Commonwealth until his death. Through all this upheaval, he remained quite affectionate with his wife, whom he had married when he was 21.

Oliver Cromwell To Elizabeth Cromwell

Dunbar, 4 September, 1650

For my beloved Wife Elizabeth Cromwell, at the Cockpit:

My Dearest,

I have not leisure to write much, but I could chide thee that in many of thy letters thou writest to me, that I should not be unmindful of thee and thy little ones. Truly, if I love thee not too well, I think I err not on the other hand much. Thou art dearer to me than any creature; let that suffice.

The Lord hath showed us an exceeding mercy: who can tell how great it is. My weak faith hath been upheld. I have been in my inward man marvellously supported; though I assure thee, I grow an old man, and feel infirmities of age marvellously stealing upon me. Would my corruptions did as fast decrease. Pray on my behalf in the latter respect. The particulars of our late success Harry Vane or Gil. Pickering will impart to thee. My love to all dear friends. I rest thine,

Oliver Cromwell

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