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Being Irresistibly Likable

The more positive and beneficial the experience someone has when interacting with you, the greater will be that person's desire to continue the association.

Light Up!

Did you ever wonder why dogs are such popular pets?

Whenever you notice that someone is particularly happy and excited to see and talk to you, don't you find yourself feeling emotionally rewarded just for having been there with them?

We tend to respond to the way others act towards us.

When the one you want comes around, or calls, show some excitement. Light up!

Show Those Pearly Whites (Smile)!

Think about it.

Aren't the people who are are most attracted to usually the ones who exhibit bright, happy smiles? You will find that even the ones who you aren't particularly interested in become much more attractive when they smile.

A smile is powerful.

A smile communicates love. It radiates acceptance. Making a person feel we accept them is one of the most effective ways we can influence people.

Can you imagine how many people go through life never realizing that this is the most effective key to being attractive to members of the opposite sex?

During a conversation, if you have a warm genuine smile on your face, and make good eye contact, you will help that person to feel much more at ease. Later, even if they can't remember what you talked about, they will remember the feeling they had during the conversation.

A smile says many things. It says you are happy You are confident. You are feeling secured. It says you enjoy talking to the person you are with, and you like being with them. It show you want that person to feel comfortable, and that you care enough about them to try and relate.

Speak With Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm is contagious! It breeds excitement in others!

Enthusiasm is one of the keys to influencing others in a positive way. When people are enthusiastic it makes those around them feel happier and more alive than they were before. Because this is a positive experience, it contributes to the bonds of friendship that strengthen people's attachments to each other. When speaking to the one you want, put some enthusiasm in your voice. Be a little dramatic in your verbal communications.

Enthusiasm is a subtle way of showing you care.

Don't be too sober or serious. It is so much better to have a light, positive attitude about life. Have a good sense of humor and don't be afraid to laugh freely. You will also find that others will respond more readily to your if you smile and exhibit a sense of humor.

Try to radiate happiness as much as possible. It you are trying to interest somebody in spending time with you, an upbeat, happy attitude is essential. Be animated! Enthusiasm will make you an enjoyable companion to the one you want!

Talk Positively.

Life is full of plights and predicaments. How you share your view of your circumstances with others will determine the degree to which your company will be enjoyed.

If you have a positive outlook, the one you want will subconsciously value your friendship more dearly.

Polls about desirable character traits in a future mate have consistently rated "sense of humor" high on the lists.

So look on the bright side of things. Be willing to laugh at a hopeless situation. People who do this are uplifting to be around and, whether they realize it or not, quietly endear themselves to others. It is emotionally rewarding to be in their presence.

Discuss The Other Personís Interests.

It is a fact that most people do not have great confidence in their abilities to carry on a conversation. Yet, communication with others remains a basic human need. So, if you want your friendship to be highly valued and sought after, you must learn how to help the one you want to be comfortable talking with you.

The key is not necessarily having an extensive knowledge of many subjects. Rather, it is a willingness to let the other person do most of the talking, on any subject they are interested on.

Encourage them to keep on talking about what interests them.

By using sincere inquiry and quiet listening. Ask about the other person's goals, accomplishments, experiences, or attitudes. In short, ask about anything and everything relating to that person.

Use Flattery.

The human need for appreciation is stronger than any human ability to resist it. Your compliments and words of praise will go a long way in building relationships. Be liberal in offering it.

As Paul H. Gilbert put it, flattery is " the art of telling another person exactly what he thinks of himself".

Your compliments and words of praise will go a long way in building and strengthening a relationship. Use flattery. It will make you an enjoyable companion and strengthen your relationship with the one you want.

A word of caution. Flattery is very potent. Just sprinkle it around will do. Too much flattery may cause your praise to appear unduly suspicious and undermine your genuine sincerity.

Understay Your Welcome.

Depart while things are still going good, even though you're having a good time and may want to stay longer. You be the one who cuts the conversations, the phone calls, the dates, or other encounters a little bit shorter than expected.

If you understay your welcome when you are with others, you can actually leave them wanting more of you. People will enjoy your company more, as a result of having you available less.

Seek out the other person's company, but then also be the first to take leave of them.

Be Graceful When Youíre (Temporarily) Rejected.

When you get turned down in your request for a date, or brushed off in a conversation, don't turn off your charm.

Turn it on stronger! Smile even bigger!

Be willing to bow out temporarily with parting words of kindness and good will.

It is this kind of behavior on your part that will convince others that the friendship you offer is genuine, sincere, and worth having.

People can't help but love and admire someone who is gracious in the face of defeat. Losing gracefully will subconsciously induce others to be trusting of you in the future. And, remember, love is based on trust!

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