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Demonstrating Commitment

The more convinced a person is of his or her personal importance to you, the more intense will be their feelings of love for you.

Hang In There!

Occasionally, after all is said and done, it will appear that the one you want is completely unmoved by your efforts to win them over.

Don't be fooled by such deceptive appearances. This ability to resist you indefinitely is simply nature's way of shaking out those pursuers who are less sincere and less committed. The challenge you face is to prove through your endurance that your love is true.

Say I Love You.

Though earlier on, you were told not to wear your heart on your sleeve, there does come a time in a relationship when it is wise to say "I Love You".

But that only comes after you have consistently proven your love, not with word, but with actions. Words are cheap.

The main thing to remember in expressing your love is that people run from commitments. If someone suspects by your words that what you are really saying is. "I want a commitment from you," it may inadvertently drive them away.

Use the words "I Love You," but try to do it in the context and intonation of, "If doesn't matter to me whether you return my affections or no. My desire for your happiness stands, regardless."

Your words must convey the message that your love is an unconditional commitment to their happiness, with no strings attached. It mustn't come across as an attempt to back them into a corner where they will feel obligated to say "I Love You" in return.

There are many opportunities to say "I Love You". But don't say it too soon, or the words may seem as though they have no real force behind them.

Patiently prove your love first.

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