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Removing Final Barriers

By backing off from a relationship that you have been aggressively pursuing for some time, the other person will automatically let down his or her emotional guard and, thus, become more vulnerable to your renewed advances in the future.

Strategically Withdraw

After aggressively pursing the one you want and finding the stony walls around their heart to be unyielding to your love, make a strategic withdrawal. The sense of relief that most people will experience when they can finally let down their emotional guard will be great, and upon a fresh new encounter with you, they will not be willing or able to resist.

Love is not something that can be forced. But it can be induced by using strategies of persuasion based on behavioral psychology principles.

Enjoy Being With The One You Want!

After all is said and done, love ends where it begins.


The desired object of love is to have someone who is truly committed to you and to your happiness, but it begins with your commitment to them.

The reason why do many love affairs don't work out is because neither person in the relationship was ever truly committed to the other person's unconditional acceptance and happiness.

Each one expected the other to demonstrate commitment first. But when someone becomes clearly aware that you are truly committed to love them unconditionally, it is guaranteed that he or she will then love you back.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Love, and you shall be loved."

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