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Acting With Self Assurance

People are most readily drawn to you when you radiate a positive self-image.

Be Nice To Yourself!

Many people are often too negative and self-critical about themselves. If you do this, it will only lower your self-image and a low self-image will diminish your ability to win the heart of the person you love.

You are not perfect, nobody is. You need to make up your mind not to put yourself down and start treating yourself with respect. Mentally keep track of the thoughts inside your mind. What do you say to yourself inside your mind and inside your heart?

Control your inner negative thinking. Think positive thoughts.

Ask yourself what are your good qualities. Think of the positive things you are able to do, the things you have accomplished in your life. Think of what you like about yourself.

By identifying your positive characteristics and thinking more positively, you will improve your self-image.

Identify Your Goals.

If you want to know love, don't look to someone else to provide it for you. If you think the only way you can find love is from someone else, you will cling to them and fear losing them. If they are healthy, they will feel the burden and withdraw. If they are codependent they will cling to you and reaffirm the myth that the only place you can find love is with each other.

In order to successfully win someone's love, you must first learn to be happy without their love.

Most of us subconsciously want someone who is goal-oriented and heading someplace even without us. You must know your own goals and direction before you can attract the one you want.

Set your goals and plan how to achieve them. Pursue your own destiny. As you recall, you will realize that, in most cases, you were feeling good when you were actively taking steps to achieve something in your life.

On the other hand, when you sat around doing nothing, being bored, or hoping for something to happen, you probably felt much less positive about yourself. Without definite goals to work towards, you will stagnate, aimless and lose condfidence in yourself.

Decide what you want. Write down your goals. Know your piorities. Attach a time frame. Break down your goals into daily tasks.

By identifying personal goals and taking steps to achieve them, your love life wil fall into place naturally.


It's ok to be nervous. Just try to relax. You will be surprised to learn how many people will actually be more attracted to you when they sense your courage to act inspite of your fears.

Talk With Confidence.

The key to successful conversation isn't the use of fancy words in an attempt to make a good impression. The secret is to come across as a warm, caring person.

Ask questions that show an interest in their opinions. Ask about their experiences. Mention something about yourself occasionally, but do so only as it relates to the other person (to show you can identify with what they are saying). Quickly turn the spotlight back on them.

Know What You Want In A Prospective Mate

Do you have a clear idea of what characteristics and qualities you are looking for in the one you want? If you know what characteristics you like in a person, you will be better prepared to begin your search.

Plan Out Where To Hunt.

Some examples are on the job, special interest groups, referrals through friends, dating services...etc

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