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Exhibiting Self-Mastery And Leadership Ability

People respect, and are subconsciously drawn towards, those who exhibit qualities of aloofness and independence. They are repulsed by those who manifest tendencies to cling.

It is practically impossible for a human being to experience romantic feelings for some they can manipulate like a puppet!

If you want to be loved romantically, it is important that you demonstrate to others that you are an independent, self-respecting person whose wrath they will incur if your goodness is ever taken for granted.

If a person feels they can walk on your feelings disrespectfully and get away with it, human experience has clearly shown that they will not be stirred up with romantic desire for you.

Plan Out Dates Ahead Of Time.

Plan out dates ahead of time. Never give the mistaken impression that you are content to just let things happen to you. Know the details regarding where you are going, what you will be doing, and how long it will take. Don't leave these things to chance, or it will appear that you are not in control. Have definite objectives and goals in mind for each date, which you have had an active part in outlining. This will demonstrate your ability to act as an independent agent and will earn you the respect of others.

This doesn't mean you should be selfish! Always consult with the other person in the planning process. Ask the other person what they would like to do. If he or she wants to do something other than what you have in mind, don't be stubborn! You can still demonstrate your active role in the planing by offering options, or at least hearing their ideas and communicating your agreement.

Showing leadership qualities doesn't necessarily mean you must initiate everything. But it does mean that you are made aware of the pan for the date. This insistence will command respect from those you date.

Demonstrate Independent Thinking.

What people are actually seeking from romance, whether they consciously realize it or not, is someone to lean on and draw strength from during life's frightening and distressing moments. Because of this, people are instinctively attracted to those persons who appear emotionally strong themselves, because they did be most capable of providing such companionship.

You must demonstrate an ability to do your own thinking and make your own decisions in your associations with others.


Be decisive when given choices. When your date asks you what you'd like for dinner, or what movie you'd like to see, respond with some definitiveness


Be contrary, sometimes. Don't always go along with everything your date wants and suggests. You won't be adequately respected if you do. The person mustn't be allowed to receive the mistaken impression that you could be easily led around by them, as if you had a ring through your nose!

Make some suggestions of your own sometimes.


Speak your mind. There 's nothing wrong with offering opinions in a discussion. Speak your mind without concern for whether people will think you are boring or wrong because of it.

Don't feel that your opinions have to agree with others. Be your own person. Be comfortable saying what you think, even when it is contrary to prevailing thought. Don't be afraid to stand alone. Nothing is more attractive than someone who has the courage to stand up for their convictions.

This does not mean, however, that you have to be unpleasant in doing so. It is certainly possible to pleasantly disagree. Never try to force someone else to accept your ideas.

Be honest, open, and forthright. Don't be afraid to manifest independent thinking. It is one of the keys to fulfilling romance.

Communicate Your Personal Destiny.

Decide that no matter what happens, you are going to maintain the attitude that you still have a special goal in life to accomplish, whether the person you want love you back or not.

Tell yourself "I'm going somewhere in life, with or without you."

It's much easier to fall in love with someone who is going somewhere in life regardless of what you do, then it is with someone who you know is basing their entire future on you.

Communicate your intentions to accomplish something worthwhile in life to the one you want, and convey your intention to do it alone, if necessary. Such an attitude will inspire the one you want with desires to follow and be with you.

Be Unpredictable.

Human beings are prone to becoming bored easily. We are easily drawn to someone who shows promise of keeping life interesting.

So do the unexpected from time to time.

You can hold others' interest simply by never letting them be sure of your next move. This doesn't mean that you won't behave dependably most of the time.

Every once in a while, you will surprise people by doing something a little different from what they are anticipating.

For example, surprise your special someone with a gift when they least expect it. When they think they have got you hooked, ignore them. When they start believing you have stopped caring about them, drop by for a visit.

Do the unexpected. Be unpredictable.

Act Indifferent To Their Opinion Of You.

You can't have romantic feelings for someone you don't respect, and you can't respect someone who you know is willing to sacrifice their individuality to suit your opinions.

Romance can only flourish when you manifest a carefree attitude of indifference about the other person's opinion of you.

So act indifferent to what they appear to think of you, even though you may actually care a great deal.

Donít Fish For Feedback.

What so they think of you? Do they love you too?

Fishing for feedback is detrimental to your possible romance.

Any feedback you get is, at best, an unreliable indicator of a person's true feelings. Most people don't even know their own minds when it comes to love, so anything they tell you wouldn't necessarily be an accurate indicator of what the person subconsciously feels.

It is possible that a person is growing to love you but it not yet consciously aware of it.

The transition from a subconscious to a conscious state of love is possible.

Probing for emotional attitudes is a hint that you are hoping for reciprocation from the one you want. This, in turn, exposes your emotional fragility. It signals that you are vulnerable to rejection by them and, consequently, are at their mercy.

This will diminish their feelings of dutiful respect towards you and undermine the strength of your otherwise growing romance.

Never ask someone, or act concerned about, how they feel towards you, until you are sure you have already won them over.

The more aloof you can appear about the other person's attitude towards you (at the same time extending yourself to them in true friendship), the more you will earn their respect and, ultimately their love.

Express Anger Verbally When The Right Moment Arrives.

Showing anger towards the one you want is sometimes necessary for a happy relationship.

This ability to stand up to the one you want and occasionally tell them off when they abuse your feelings or taking you for granted is an essential key to romantic love.

Nobody can really get excited about you if they are not secretly just a little bit afraid to crossing you. This is one of the best kept secrets of romantic love.

Don't scold prematurely. Make sure you have a foundation of sufficient selflessness and "long suffering" on your part to justify your right to be angry.

Don't get sidetracked fighting about petty, irrelevant issues. The only thing you ever really need to show anger over is any basic disrespect, or lack of regard, for your feelings. Express disappointment in them.

Don't stick around to let the person try and fight with you. Don't argue. State your case, show your anger while doing it, and then depart. Leave them to their conscience and let your words sink in.

Remember to show forgiveness after expressing anger.

Show Forgiveness After Expressing Anger.

Yes, you can gain a person's respect by being able to stand up to and chastise them when they deserve it. But it is very important that you are the first to demonstrate kind and charitable feelings for them afterwards, if you don't want to destroy the foundation of friendship you have previously established.

As soon as your angry words have had a chance to sink in, take steps to show the rebuked person that, although your reaction was strong, you are still loyal. You still care.

Don't apologize or act as though your anger wasn't justified. This is not the time to back down and start acting like your anger was a mistake. Just seek out the person's company and resume the relationship. Completely putting the incident behind you.

The other person will naturally act a bit standoffish at first. Just be persistent in renewing the friendship. It will become evident that your friendship is unconditional and that you intend to be their true friend in spite of any standoffishness they may exhibit.

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