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Shaking Their Confidence

The more insecure a person feels about where he or she stands with you, the more vulnerable they will be to your romantic advances, and the more intensely they will desire you.

People can never fully appreciate someone's love if they are allowed to take that love for granted. There must be some ongoing apprehension that the love so freely given could be lost at anytime.

While people disrespect that which they have in the palm of their hand, and are attracted to that which they can't get, they become absolutely frantic with desire over that which they already posses but are in danger of losing.

Insecurity is the mother of infatuation.

Doubt is the key to unleashing another's potential for experiencing romantic passion towards you.

Use Silence

Silence leaves everything to the imagination of the one you are with. Telling a person that they are in danger of losing you is not nearly as effective as letting them wonder.

Drop Them Cold!

A person's apathetic feelings will immediately turn into passionate longing when they realize that a possession which had previously been taken for granted is in danger of being permanently lost.

Drop them cold. Let them know that you love them, but you can do fine without them.

Let them know what it's like to live without you for a while. Then return to the one you want and give them another chance.

Create Competition

Give your special someone something to be jealous of. Have friends of the opposite sex. Go out and spend time with them socially.

A little rivalry can stir up a person's hot-blooded romantic desires for you.

If you are to be fully appreciated by the one you want, then they have to feel lucky to get you. Create the illusion that you affections could be lost to someone else. As the one you want becomes convinced of this possibility, their appreciation of you will soar.

Break A Date!

By breaking a date, you cause the person to doubt their ability to dominate you, which in turns fan the flames of their romantic passion for you.

People crave the unobtainable. They most desire to conquer that which appears invincible. Breaking a date can re-establish the challenge for the one you want and create heightened interest and longing for you.

Easy. Just call the one you want on the phone and break an approaching date.

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