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People are like mirrors, always reflecting the same attitudes that they think others have towards them.

Be First To Show Interest In The Other

The best way to favorably impress someone is not by telling them marvelous things about yourself, but by letting them know that you are favorably impressed by them.

You love whom you truly believe love you. The secret to winning someone's love is to first convince him or her of your real, genuine love for them.

Showing interest in the other person first means being the first to:


2. Make eye contact and acknowledge them

3. Extends a vocal greeting

4. Try to engage the other person in conversation

5. Suggest the possibility of getting together for some sort of date.

Taking a visible interest in the other person is the first step to winning their heart. It immediately fills their need for attention and paves the way for future progress.

Go For One Date At A Time

As soon as you have gained someone's attention by showing enough interest, it's time to begin building a relationship. You need to spend time together with the one you want.

A date is simply an opportunity to interact with the one you want on a personal level, one to one.

The first date can be very uncomfortable for both parties. You are getting to know the other person, and learning about their likes, dislikes, or other things that you didn't know before.

Be yourself. Leave the other person a warm feeling of having spent an interesting and enjoyable evening with you.

Something magical happens when human beings spend time together. They grow on each other. There is a psychologically binding effect.

However, don't reveal your anxiousness in asking for more dates. It is dangerous to ask for more than one date at a time. This can frighten off a potential sweetheart before the binding effect has even began. At the same time, don't settle for less than a real date. A relationship can't grow just by seeing someone everyday at class, work, or in some other neutral setting. This won't provide enough electricity to adequately charge the relationship.

Set your sights on that first date. Work for it until you succeed in getting it. Then after completing a date and giving it a little time to be digested, go for another one. Don't push for too much commitment at once. By focusing on one date at a time, you will actually be building the relationship.

In developing a relationship, you must spend time with the person, one on one, to build it properly. This requires many dates, but only ask for one date at a time.

If the one you want seems hesitant to grant you time even for a single date, be creative. Think of something you can ask the person to do with you, even if it involves as little as fifteen minutes. Little by little, you will surely reach your goal.

Avoid Being Defensive

By allowing ourselves to remain open and vulnerable to another human being, even in the face of rejection and feeling foolish, we show our sincerity and true greatness of character. This will persuade others to become similarly open with us.

On the other hand, becoming defensive when someone hurts you by not responding to your attention will only reinforces their distant attitude and makes the other person feel justified in their initial standoffishness towards us. No matter who you are, you are going to experience some degree of rejection in trying to win someone's heart.

By exhibiting a sort of "If you don't want me then I don't want you" type of attitude, we demonstrate very clearly that our ability to be a true friend is shallow.

Make the effort to achieve unconditional friendship and stick with it, even if the going gets tough. Don't get defensive just because the sincerity of the love you extends doesn't seem to sufficiently impress itself upon someone's heart when you first offer it.

Allowing yourself to become vulnerable to another human being shows that you care more about the person than their actual reactions to you. Over an extended period of time, this type of treatment is guaranteed to product positive changes in that person's behavior towards you.

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