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Another Dance

As you arise from the hot tub water dripping from your gentle frame
Vapors of steam swirl about you and the mist form your name
Body glistening from the touch of the candle light
As moonbeams envelope your body, shadows dance thru the night
In the air music rings,
As we savor the scent of cinnamon and the desires it brings
Let me trace your body with the touch of my finger
Let me massage your breast with my tongue, on your nipple it will linger
Circular motion, biting gently I proceed
Until the water on your body stops rolling but begins to bead
I will be your towel your body I will cover
Dispel the chill and keep you warm, youíll never have a need for
another lover
Tongue moving down your chest
Onto the inner thighs is where I let it rest
Tracing the outer lips, but never plunging within
Teasing you, yet pleasing you, youíre ready for lovemaking to begin
Feel the heat as I come inside
Where pleasures are forever and extasy reside
Bodies moving in sync and in time
Holding each other deeply in love Iím yours and youíre mine
Winds blowing gently directed by our love dance
Stars shining brightly drawing energy from our romance
Not saying a word
But our thoughts are heard
Mental communication
Sexual revelation
Fueling our intimate innovations
Moans from our lips
Gyrating of our hips
Explosive climatic release
Serves as dessert to a satisfying feast
Feeling the effects of love
Holding my gift from above

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