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Dreaming Of The Sky

You lie still, dreaming of the sky in the early morning. Acquiescent you rest, remembering in your sleepiness how it can be tinged purple and blue like the fading bruises of his kisses on your thighs after he finished with you.

This sky is grey tinged like his hair. It blends true like his voice and your moans as you come on his instruction. This sky forecasts another sunny day, just as yesterday the tender mercies of the night forecast a gentle sleep for you.

The dawn sky is as pale blue as your sleepy thoughts. The dewy grass is the warm green of the eyes that survey your somnolent form, mingling his impressions with your dreams.

Trees reach up their arms to heaven, supplicant, much as he is to your wishes and desires. The air round every great tree is pure and alone, just as your voice was cool and alone in the chill of the early morning, extending over an infinite and proximate space until the nascent sounds reached his ears.

There is no doubt of that, for you rustle in your bed and corn-sheafs rustle in the fields. Their golden spears prick the surrounding air, much as your lover pricked your eagerness with his own nebulous and yet intransigent spear, late into the night and late into the satisfaction of your fourth and final visit to crying oblivion.

The birds do not trill the sweetest notes in their dawn chorus. You outmatched then with ease in your final sallies and excited cries. They were the purest golden notes of loving thought, golden notes to match the warm imprint of hishands on your still heated flesh.

And now those hands only rest where the bright light of the dawn now struggles through the partly opened curtains, in between the purple clouds and the purple bruises of his incessant light kisses. They are the
butterflies, designed to caress and not disturb, softly deposited on your slowly rising and falling breast.

You do not shy at this early hour for you are fast asleep and your lover is patient and will wait a while. Your eyelids flutter in the light sleep before awakening. See - your eye movements are already anticipatory - as you lie there dreaming of the sky in the early morning.



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