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Ross Jeffries

Have you ever been fascinated
by someone who's words just seemed to
penetrate you?

You find yourself looking
and you can't look away
and the more that you try
the more that gazes stays

Riveted here
where you want it to be
cause you know that there's something
you just have to see

As you listen so close
and you start to wonder
what would it feel like
to be falling under

A spell, mmm so magic
being spun by the sound
of a voice whose rich warmth
was spreading on down

Have you ever experienced
instaneous connection?
To the point where your thoughts moved in
Just one direction?

People sometimes ask,
"Please...just a kiss!"
Funny how you find yourself
wishing the same wish

Your mind is amazing
when you really
let it go
As you find yourseld picturing
mmm..you know?

As the warmth of that voice
takes on a glow
Spreading and pulsing
where you want it to go

I will tell you all you desire...

Me...I know.

You step out of what was
Invited, slipped inside
Feels like warm rain
Between your sighs

And it's not important
that you find
every inhibition
is left far behind

As you recall how it feels
To be so in love
And you see that image of us
Up above

You see at last
who you've finally found
what you've looked for
and longed for
has finally come round

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