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When you begin to listen
And hang on every word,
You get an intuition.
Your mind is now your lord.

You hear this voice, inside you,
The voice you've heard before.
This voice has been there for you.
This voice has opened doors.

As just a little girl,
You found a special friend,
This voice told you "Just do it!
Your joy will never end!"

Remember all those times
This voice was in your mind.
It will be there forever,
Until the end of time.

In only a few seconds,
If you should hear this voice,
You can really trust it,
Let it make your choice.

This voice now whispers to you
The thoughts that come between
Your thoughts, inside your heart,
The wishes deep within.

The wishes you're denying,
The ones you're longing for.
This voice tells you, "Just do it.
Step through that open door.

Leave all your cares behind you,
Your future now unfolds.
You're free from inhibition.
Free from society's holds.

Take in what is before you,
Embrace it in your soul.
Allow it deep inside you,
And let it fill that hole."

This voice knows what you're thinking.
This voice is very wise.
Just trust your intuition,
And follow its advice.

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