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Lover's Eyes

I stare now deep into my lover's eyes
Our foreheads meet, her breath is mixed with mine.
We share that bond, a touch felt deep within.
We feel desire, to touch with love again.

She pulls me slowly down and to her mouth
To taste her tongue. Her wetness does not douse
The heat she feels is growing hard to stop
Consumes us both, our passion burns our thoughts.

I lay her gently on her bed, and then
I slowly take off all her clothes, again
To taste the flavor of her skin, my lips
Caress each inch from throat to breast to hip.

I slowly bring her gasping to that peak
My tongue it probes her lips with pleasure seeks
To make her feel so good she cannot bear
For me to stop, I kiss her 'till she's there.

Our breath now comes in hot quick pants, we move
As one, our souls complete. Our passion proves
Our love beyond all spoken words, we've touched
that depth, and lay secure in naked touch.

William G.

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