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Loving Again

As I watch over the vastness of Loveís sea
I watch as you seem to struggle helplessly
Not knowing what to do, or where to go
Not sure about which direction the current flows
Not sure if you would ever love again
Thatís when my plan of love begins
Cupid is my messenger that I send to thee
To pierce your heart with loveís dart as you drift on the sea
For to love yourself is the beginning of loving another
To cherish who you are is to cherish a lover
Love is not act or action, but a matter of the heart
When you recover from past pains, new love can start
Why do you fear, why do you fret?
You can survive, your life is not over yet
For your soulmate is on the same sea as you
Open your eyes and heart and they will come to you
To establish a bond that will forever last
And erase the painful memories of the past
But like an inoculent it serves to heal
That you may experience the joy of love that is real.

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