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The Dark Sun

A certain spot inside you,
Where everything is true,
There you store your qualities,
And all the best of you.

In your dreams, you often
Find that sacred spot.
But then there are the fantasies,
The things you just might not.

In your mind you keep
The wishes you embrace,
The ones you dare not think of
Except that special place.

That place you can't yet explore
But in your secret dreams,
Where anything might happen,
For them your mind will scream.

Imagine something coming,
Soon you'll dream of it.
Each dream you will remember,
Through all your daily grit.

You'll replay all those dreams
All day right in your mind.
Experience them fully,
Time right after time.

That place will stay so secret,
No other needs to know.
With help from your unconscious,
Just go down below.

You need not feel excited,
But in the future, soon,
You'll begin to realize,
It's something you must own
Remember all your dreams,
For when you make them true,
You don't need to talk.
It's between me and you.

Author unknown

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