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The Tide

Close your eyes, feel the feelings,
as you hear this voice, inside
your mind,.. turning inside,
as you go deeper, now..

A strong powerful embrace,
that melts you like warm butter
on the inside, melting further
down...deeper, now...

That special smile on his face,
as he looks deeply into your eyes,
that lets you feel those wonderful
feelings, that warm tingling sensation

that moves through you like warm
ocean tides..deeper, now.

That deep sense of trust beyond
mere description, the attraction
you think about all the time,
the words that flow like liquid
gold, deep deep inside your mind
, deeper, now..

A communication, deeper than what
is said, a feeling of connection,
like a light beam penetrating
your essence, deeper.. now...

That sense of an incredible
opportunity, unlike any ever felt
before, that little girl's voice
of dreams once remembered...

That special place deep, deep inside,
where no one has truly yet touched,
until now... if you were to allow
him in, invite him, between your
sighs, of longing, a bond as hard
as steel, hard and fast,
multiple times,
that strangely allows you to
feel even free-er, now.

An overpowering sensation, of something
beyond your control,
that feeling of surrender deep, deep in
your soul, deeper, now..

Even as you feel those incredible
feelings, growing, stronger, now,
you begin to feel the irresistible
rush, sweeping you in its tide,
carrying you toward your inevitible
ecstacy, now.

And months from now as you still
feel these sensations, you'll look
back an this fulfilling happiness, and
that special smile you find yourself
Most cant even imagine having
felt such intense waves of emotion,
for so long, and still.. the anticipation,
of looking forward
to even more heights of passion,
with this person, now, didnt you?

As the moonlit ripples on the ocean,
reveal the strong powerful tide, deep down
inside...your mind.

Author unknown.

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