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To The Garden Once More


As I lay down inside the warm water of a soothing bath,
feeling those muscles relaxing...surrendering...I sense you watching me.
Watching me like a cat...purring seductively...preparing to pounce.
My muscles twitch in nervous excitement...and I become aroused.
You leap from your hiding place, an animalistic gleam in your eyes.
Landing with a splash, you wrap your arms around me.
The wetness...the nakedness...of our like slippery silk.
I thrust my tongue between your parted lips, and we share a passionate kiss.
As I share a deep thought in each others eyes, you put your hands into the water...and explore.
You guide the object of your desire to where you want it..and..let out a pleased moan.
Our bodies blend into one, as we seem to travel...back.
Back to the garden we have gone...another tree to plant.
I gently bite your neck, as you apply the pressure from your nails in my back.
The Dance of Lover's, we have learned it well together.
There are no words to be said, instinct and primal desire make the decisions.
You kiss my chest, and I rub your wet hair across my face.
Our motions intensify, and you grab my shoulders.
You tease my mouth with fleeting contact from your chest...then again...and again.
This passion we have this beyond words...
beyond anything... your mind will concoct deep inside you.
I pull you down...then under one fluid motion.
The Lover's Dance continues.
By the time we both...release...and return once again to our shared bath,
there is little water left inside the tub.
We take our time exiting, never disconnecting.
I carry you...dripping wet...out of the room...and onto the bed.
You turn me over, laying me on my back...keeping our connection...
and taking the upper spot...the balcony seat.
I cannot budge, you have me pinned.
You create the rhythm...a hard...long...series of motions.
I thrust my head back in pleasure...and the room spins.
You shudder with an explosion...deep within you...taking in the passion.
Then you disconnect...and let me taste.
With not a single word spoken, we become even more animalistic,
flying off of the bed and onto the floor.
The passion continues to we work...ourselves...up..along...the wall.
You continue up...while I linger down.
You grab my head and grip my hair between your fingers.
I feel the rush of your next release...and accept it all.
Returning to meet you, I turn you face the wall.
I reach around and cup we begin our Lover's Dance anew.
Our legs tighten in fatigue...but we refuse to relent.
The Dance lasts for several more reach around...
take ahold of me...and accept my release.
We share in our gifts to each other, as we once again fall onto the bed.
Laying together, we take the warmth...of our heated bodies.
And as we listen closely...for a moment...the twin beats of our hearts...unite as one.
Soon, the relaxing wind will put us in slumber...and we will sleep.
Within that sleep...our Lover's Dance continues.
We will never know for sure...when we were dreaming...and when we were not.
The night will give way to day...and our next Dance will begin.

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