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Guy's 10 Easy Ways to Be Romantic

1. Send her flowers unexpectedly. Choose a bunch of her favorite flowers of her favorite colors or ask your florist (man's next best friend) for suggestions.

2. Write her a check for a million kisses, and let her take it to the bank.

3. Have your song playing on the stereo when she returns home from work or errands, and whisk her into a spontaneous dance.

4. For a change of pace ? eat breakfast by candlelight or have dinner in bed.

5. Fill her car with red balloons.

6. Write her a love letter ? it doesn't have to be perfect, poetic or long ? just from you.

7. Have a "play date" once a month, where you get away together for a day of fun.

8. Fill her answering machine or voicemail with romantic messages.

9. Kidnap her? blindfold her and take her to a favorite restaurant, the theater, the racetrack or another place you both enjoy.

10. Draw her a bath sprinkled with rose petals, and light some candles.

Finally, remember that romance is easy, just give it a try!

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