Practical Guide To Seduction (For Men) Practical Guide To Seduction (For Men)
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Practical Guide To Seduction (For Men)

1. Know what you want

Before you start looking for the woman that you want get a clear idea of the type of woman you are after in your head. WRITE IT DOWN on paper and hide it. Your mind will subconsciously attract the described woman. I know it takes effort to find a pen and paper to do this... but do you have anything to lose!? So scribble it down now. Her height, her weight, her hair, her education, etc.

2. Preparation

Since you will be summed up, labeled, and judged before you even utter a word, you must pay particular attention to your physical appearance. You do not have to be endowed with great physical good looks to be effective at picking up woman, but you do need to be CLEAN AND NEAT and give the impression that you care about your presentation. What is most important is to dress appropriately according to the situation. And if you are unsure of what to wear to a particular event, make the mistake of over dressing rather than under dressing.

Another tip: ALWAYS be prepared with a pen or pencil and some paper or something on which to write down the phone number of the woman you're picking up. Nine times out of ten, if you don't get a woman's phone number, you will never see her again. Make it a habit of carrying a pen with you at all times.


Did you know that over 60% of what you communicate is non-verbal? That means your facial expressions, how you carry yourself (never slouch), your hand movements, the smell of your body (use a good cologne), and how you deal with the space around you, all communicate to a woman what kind of man you are. Never under estimate the power of non-verbal communication.

The most important tip I can give you about picking up a woman is to MAKE EYE CONTACT with her. Look long and adoringly into her eyes. Never look down (a sign of submission, timidity, and weakness) and never look at a woman's breasts when you're talking to her (a common mistake many men make). Women will reject you and consider you disrespectful if you do. Maintaining eye contact also says to a woman that you are interested in her and that you want to get to know her. This is a pre-requisite (according to women) to get to know how she is in bed.

Also, be sure and SMILE! A smile sends a positive and important message. A smile says, "I will not reject you. I like you." A smile combined with prolonged eye contact says, "I like you a lot. I want to know you. Let's talk." Women who smile back at you and who maintain eye contact with you too are those who will be most receptive to your advances. Note: Raised eyebrows is also a positive signal which you should interpret as a come-on.

4. 30/70 Conversation Technique

You may have heard or read somewhere that people like to talk about themselves and that you should spend most of your time listening and asking questions if you want others to like you. This is true... to a certain extent. People DO like to talk about themselves and they DO like those who listen, ask questions, and seem interested in what they're saying. But...

If you're goal is to charm this lady, you've got to do more than that. You've got to tell her something about yourself. Specifically, you've got to "tell her" that YOU TWO ARE VERY MUCH ALIKE. You do this by making "me-too" statements. That is, it is desirable to bring yourself into the conversation when you can relate yourself to something she's talking about or make yourself seem similar to her.

A good talk/listen ratio would be around 30/70. That is, you want to spend around 30 or 40 percent of the time talking, and about 60 to 70 percent of the time listening. And you should spend as much of that 30 to 40 percent as possible in the "me-too zone."

Imagine you've spent 60 to 70 percent of the time listening to her (really listening and asking questions), and about 30 to 40 percent of the time telling her about yourself. Specifically, telling her about yourself in a way that makes the two of you seem very similar.

This time when she goes home, sits down, grabs something to drink, and starts reminiscing about the date (and you), she's going to have something substantial to think about. She's going to think what a wonderful conversationalist you are. You didn't monopolize the conversation. You didn't bore her with details of your job, your childhood, or the health of your colon.

And because you spent a substantial amount of time pointing out how similar the two of you are, she's going to think that you are very SPECIAL. (After all, you're just like her. You must be.)

People always like others who are similar to themselves. By being similar to me, you essentially validate my perceptions of the world. I will see you as clever, intelligent, charming, and likeable... because you're like me.

5. The Seduction Method

Bare in mind that you have approximately three minutes to make a favorable impression on a woman when you first meet her. I call this The First Three Minutes Of Contact. What happens in those first three minutes will determine whether you are going to succeed or fail at picking up a woman. So it is vitally important to know how to influence a woman in a way that will bring you the results you desire from the moment you meet her. The following sections will take you through ways to APPROACH a woman, how to get a CHEMICAL CONNECTION established and finally get her PHONE NUMBER.

5.1 The Approach

Do not hesitate to approach a woman. You have 5 seconds to act. Staring at her all night long will not get her more interested. If she gives you a second glance go up to her. As soon as you spot her you have 5 seconds to act.

5.2 The Introduction

But after you break the ice with an opening line, the very next thing you should say or do is INTRODUCE YOURSELF. For example, simply say, "Oh, my name is (your Name). I'm pleased to meet you." Just use your first name in informal situations, and both your first and last name in more impersonal situations. Then allow the woman you're picking up to offer you her name. Pause for a moment. If she doesn't offer it, ask her what her name is. Then, and this is very important, USE HER NAME in the very next sentence that comes out of your mouth. Using her name works like magic to put her at ease and makes her more interested in you. A person's name is the most important and powerful word you can ever say.

5.3 Compliment

The next thing you want to say or do is COMPLIMENT HER. Call attention to some detail about her, and flatter her in a totally positive way. Be sure to avoid obvious compliments at all costs. Say something specific, that is special about HER. Be polite and creative when dishing out compliments. The more poetic and/or dramatic you can be, the better the results you'll get. Because men lust with their eyes, BUT women lust with their ears!

5.4 The Conversation Chemistry

A lot of guys ask me what they should talk about once they get a woman's name and after they have complimented her. What you need to do is find out what she wants, what she desires, or what turns her on, her passion or hobby. Ask her questions about that and you will have captivated her completely. Also, always find ways to agree with her. NEVER DISAGREE with a woman when you first meet her. You want to create a context of relatedness, and that's done by agreeing with her.

So stop worrying about what you're going to say next. Focus all your attention and energy on listening to what the woman is saying to you. Try to visualize or "feel" what she's saying. Now when listening you want to pay particular attention to any "seeds" or free information she happens to throw your way. Seeds refer to subtle hints that women give that point to conversational topics that they would like to or be willing to discuss.

Keep in mind that if a woman likes you or would like to get to know you better, she will GIVE YOU free information to follow up on. She will throw out some seeds for you to water. If she's not attracted to you, she won't give you much of anything and it will be very difficult to maintain a decent conversation with her. No matter how charming you are, if she doesn't "help you out some" you'll eventually have to admit defeat and walk away. So be sure to listen for the topics she'd like to discuss.

Now in order to converse for maximum attraction, you need to keep two other things in mind. You need to tell her about yourself. And you need to maintain a proper talk/listen ratio. Simply follow the 30/70 CONVERSATION METHOD described earlier to maximise your conversation. The first few conversations (dates) are critical and you have to "play" them right. That means listening for free info, asking interested questions, and making "me too" statements. It's a simple 1, 2, 3.

5.5 The Phone Number

The last tip I leave you with is NEVER BE SHY ABOUT ASKING HER FOR HER PHONE NUMBER. It doesn't matter that you only just met her. Even if you have only spoken with her for as little as one minute! Be direct. You can say something like, "I have to be going now. But I'd love to see you again. Can I call you?" Without the all important phone number, you will never get anywhere with a woman. Because to score you will need a date. And to get a date you will need the number. So ALWAYS ask for the telephone number! If you get her phone number, chances are she is at least interested in going out with you on a date and possibly a lot more!

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